How to Understand Your Spiritual Code of Destiny, Live Through Your Heart and Soul, Discard Limiting Beliefs, and Naturally Align with Your Purpose

The next best thing to having the UNIVERSE as your personal coach

Many spend their entire lifetime searching for their destiny, while others can’t avoid it, even if they try. If you feel destined for something your reality hasn’t yet accessed, and you’re tired of holding yourself back, then you’re here for a reason: Because you’re ready to do something about it.

Just as a cartographer offers a map or a coach offers a playbook, Human Design is the Operator’s Manual of your destiny. It's a strategic approach to navigating your emotions, your business, your energy, your relationships life's path, etc. It’s as dope as astrology – only it’s infinitely more precise in design and execution.

Have you been living your life purposefully, completely at peace with the way things are until suddenly something’s different, but you’re not sure what? And no matter what you do, you can’t seem to make sense of this odd feeling that your life would never be the same anymore?

If so, that’s normal. It’s a sign of your Ascension. Coupled with restless energy, bursts of creative insight, and a feeling that everyone’s living in some weird illusion you can’t pierce, Human Design shows you how to be fulfilled in your newly Ascended life, how to discover and pursue your own fulfillment, and how to soar to your greatest potential without being attached to anyone else’s agenda at all.



Human Design is a holistic system that reveals your strengths, illuminates your challenges, and celebrates your Divine Design. Human Design represents a clear reflection of who you are, who gets you, and where you belong in society.

Human Design is unique in that every chart is different. Because the Universe is generous enough to ensure there are no duplicates, no two people have the same Human Design chart. Even twins have their own deep and individual experiences to live out!

Aren’t you dying to take a deeper look into your Human Design? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? Human Design will completely change your perspective on life. Why not give yourself the gift of spiritual evolution? You’ll love how much joy you’ll feel as your resistance melts away and life flows peacefully.

Are you ready to know the truth? Are you ready to really shift your reality and take power over your life? Is it time to invest time in learning your Human Design in order to learn not only how you express yourself, but also ways in which you function in your reality and in your environment?



1. Human Design teaches that we’re always giving and receiving energy to each other. Our human bodies possess nine centers that transform and transmute our life force energy to each other. By understanding Human Design, we have the ability to awaken to our true nature and guard our energy as the precious resource that it is.

2. We come into this world as clear, pure beings, yet time and society erodes our internal compass and personal identity. We’re left learning how to take care of everyone but ourselves – until we shift into Human Design to show us how we should be taken care of.

3. Life is not what you think it is. You’ve only experienced what you’ve been conditioned to allow yourself to experience. Every body has an aura type, a full controlling expression of energy.

4.You are easily conditioned by another human being when someone else enters your aura. To understand how deep and strong your aura is, you have to understand it is not hindered by walls and other physical objects. Your aura can penetrate other spaces and be penetrated by other spaces.

5. There is no such thing as a good chart or a bad Human Design chart. There are four aura types, and none are bad, including yours. There’s only a Human Design chart that’s perfectly designed for you, because it is a clear reflection of who you are. It is important to embrace and understand your aura type, how it works, and how to protect it at all times, especially when you’re sleeping.

6. Human Design is not a religious system. It’s a blend of IChing, astrology, Kabbalah, and the chakra system. It’s revolutionary and describes the mechanics of how we’re affected by the planets, affected by inter-human and etheric energies, and how we manifest our destinies. To understand your strategy and authority available in your life is to understand how to move through the world with power inherent in your natural energy field.

7. Human Design isn’t a belief system. It is not mythology nor philosophy. To be honest, it doesn’t even require you to “believe in me.” Human Design is a concrete system structured to help you live freely without the difficult experience of being detached from your true nature.

8. Human Design has helped men and women release years of shame, toxicity, guilt, and money issues. Human Design has helped several in my sessions experience life-changing breakthroughs they’ve never felt imaginable, including a sense of healthy self-love.

9. Human Design is not the answer to every single one of your life’s problems. It’s revealing and insightful, but you’re still going to have to invest work into your transformation. Human Design makes your glow up easier by helping you refine your energy and spiritual process, but it will not wave a magic wand and make your life perfect.

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I’m Aycee Brown -- and I know from pure experience what it feels like to spin your wheels when it comes to this thing called life, and BE lost without a clue as to which path leads to success. My quest for personal truth started with spiritual crisis that could not be resolved despite many nights of prayer. I felt lost and unfulfilled in life, and suffered the wounds of fighting against my own nature. I desperately needed to figure out where I belonged in this world. Once I discovered my answer, my soul lit up, and I’ve been on fire ever since.

Today, I act as the kind of guide I wish I’d had on my own journey to understanding myself through astrology and Human Design. Human Design is a synthesis of genetics, I-Ching, and astrology that provides you instant self-recognition. My belief is that anybody can benefit from Human Design, because it helps refine personal energy in a distinct, customized way that feels expansive rather than inhibited.

Are you ready to create an instant shift in how you perceive your life, play in the energy fields of limitless potential, and interact with the people around you? Is it not time to embody precisely who you are, recognize your internal authority, and fall into alignment in your life?

If you resonate with my energy, then I invite you to step forward. Now is your opportunity to claim authority, confidence, and power over your life. Are you ready to have the personal blueprint to your success handed to you without any of the intense and complicated struggle of figuring out how to just “be” who you are?


• I break down your Human Design chart in a way that no one ever has for you before. I can provide detailed chart explanations so you really “get it” without spending hours of time deciphering things on your own.

• I help you dig into your Human Design chart and aura type to understand why you get overwhelmed by certain energies and people. I can also show you how to navigate certain situations to live your best life, even when shit feels beyond your control.

• I help you understand your natural design, the way your life works, and help you accept the truth of your reality – but in a spiritually fulfilling, awakened manner.

• I don’t give you what you want to hear – even though it sounds nice. I tell you what’s true, so you can move with genuine authority in your world.

• My results – in all of my work – speak for themselves. Clients love to work with me because my strategies have been genuinely shown to powerfully increase your business. I do more than getting paid to talk – you can feel my heart from a mile away.

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I am a lifelong Projector who has given a lifetime of study to my craft. I REALLY know what I’m talking about when it comes to Human Design because IT SAVED MY LIFE from an otherwise limitless cycle of deep existential frustration.


Aura Types




Generators are the world’s biggest quitters. Generators overthink to the point of talking themselves out of great opportunities – and walking themselves directly into some of the most awkward situations imaginable. Generators struggle with feelings of unworthiness that prevent them from being completely open to love, money, and success. Generators are motivated by intense insecurity, which, when combined with their gorgeous desire to give, give, and give to the point of no return, becomes a black hole for an endless cycle of lifelong frustration.

Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators are their own type. They have a different lifestyle than any of the types in Human Design. Manifesting Generators possess a strong gut response they are tied to, and struggle with frustration when they push past their instincts out of impatience and frustration. Manifesting Generators are often thrown into do-or-die circumstances that lead them into potentially reactive energy that can backfire in painful ways. Manifesting Generators lose power and become frustrated when they act on their plans too early, as life comes to them and not the other way around.


Projectors have profoundly penetrating energy. Projectors have an uncomfortable presence for other types, especially Manifestors, who need personal space. Projectors are wonderful children, but they end up deeply conditioned as adults, mostly by Generators. Projectors survive off connection, but end up slaves to the energy around them. It’s not uncommon for a Projector to experience regular burnout.


Manifestors feel angry and misunderstood. They’re cranky, aggravated, moody – and give off a strong vibe that says, “Leave me alone!” Manifestors experience their greatest levels of frustration when they force outcomes and resist change. Manifestors are known to move too fast, forcing them to miss details. Manifestors have the world at their fingertips – but they’re also known to keep people at a distance with their strong, aloof, self-directed energy.


Would you like to join the 1%? Well, if you’re a Reflector, welcome. Reflectors make up only 1% of the population, making them the rarest of Human Design types. Reflectors have bulletproof auras. Reflectors mirror the energetic reflection of the environment around them, are intrinsically connected to the lunar cycle, and struggle with discerning which energy belongs to them, and which energy is simply reflecting the world around them. Reflectors are here to raise the vibration of the planet, but often need strong Manifestor friends around them to keep their energy positively supported.


Am I Right or Am I Right?

If you read and recognized any aspect of yourself in any of these Human Design Aura types, pull up, sis. You’ve got to put in the time to get clear AF on who you are, why this is happening, and how you can overcome the constant obstacles present via resistance.




You will KNOW your Human Design Aura, including your definition, path, and gates or opportunity, so you will know that you’re on the right path with your plans.

• You will FEEL less anxious and more in control of your energy, your environment, and your relationships with others. This means less emotional stress and anxiety.

• You will successfully PROTECT yourself and your energy while you’re sleeping, traveling, or at a family reunion. (A MUST for Projectors, who are most sensitive of all.)

• You will FOCUS your energy on what works best for YOU as opposed to what a vague “one-size-fits-all” Human Design blog or Instagram post says.

• You will RECEIVE explicit clarity on how you need to move in the world, learn to pay more attention to how you feel, and finally let your intuition guide your decisions.


Are you ready to stop theorizing, philosophizing, and trying to piece together the missing link to ease, flow, and success in your life? Are you serious about destroying all of your distractions to manifest your highest possible life experience?



Are you ready to release the resistance regarding your spiritual revolution? Are you ready to experience increased peace of mind 24/7? If it’s time to level up in life, I invite you to schedule a Human Design session with me. I offer intuitive, flexible packages designed to fluidly support your needs and schedule. Best of all, I am confident you will experience an awakening like never before, and back my work up with intuitive guidance and support.