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so this is complicated...

So I just know stuff. I wish I can explain it but I just do.

Claircognizance is "clear knowing" . I have the ability to ‘just know’ information, and the knowledge often comes to me spontaneously, but I know in my soul it's 100% accurate. Sometimes this information can come in the form of facts and figures, other times, it comes in the form of simply knowing the TRUTH of a situation, a career path, or a future successful idea.

I understand the true nature of any situation. I instantly know when someone else is lying. I also know exactly what someone needs to fix their problem or situation. This makes me an excellent resource for people to turn to in a crisis.

I believe this information is given to me by my spirit guides, and my higher self.  My guides and my higher self gain access through my Crown Chakra. Spiritual information and knowledge comes directly to me through this entrance. Simply put my Crown Chaka is wide open.