Me + My Guides = Magic

Best When: You Can’t Wait and Need Answers Now.

When you’ve prayed, meditated, weighed the pros and cons, and still can’t make a decision, then it’s time to break the glass!

Me + My Guides is your “in case of an emergency, break the glass” soul-centered hotline for Spirit-driven clarity with benefits. Use this session to ask one focused question for precise insight regarding your career, your relationship, or whatever’s on your heart.

Our conversation is concise, confident, and confidential. You’ll walk away with an intuitive bird’s eye view of the situation, peppered with a dash of coaching and a pep talk to help you own the outcome.

Best of all? This is a same day service (if not already booked), so there’s practically no wait time. (My other sessions usually require scheduling days, and sometimes even weeks, in advance.)


By scheduling a Me + My Guides session, you acknowledge that you are limited to 👉🏾one question👈🏾 to ensure precise clarity with depth and accuracy. You also acknowledge that these sessions are 25-30 minutes max and no exceptions are made.

Your recorded session will be sent to you within 24-48 hours of session completion.

How Much? $75