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Best When: You need exclusive permission to make my hotling bling.

My Brain on Demand is the crème de la crème. If you’re ready to go hard or go home, this is your all-access pass for strategic insight, intuitive guidance, and accountability on steroids.

My Brain on Demand is designed for established professionals or business owners willing to go balls deep for results. My clients call this their Psychic Hotline Bling, because they can call me, email me, and hit me up whenever they need to get confidence, clarity, and direction on their business like anytime they want.

Your retainer includes two dedicated hours per week. During this time, you and I will discuss your strategy, and determine areas of development in your life and business. My spirit posse will step in to identify potential stumbling blocks and illuminate areas of opportunity.

Because you’re at the top of the list, please believe I’ll make sure you’re pampered to the highest. Every week we optimize your strategy based on the results of your action plan. In addition to our dedicated hours, you’ll receive unlimited email access to speak with me, as well as two Break in Case of Emergency calls in the event you need an urgent answer.

Short of moving in with me, nothing else comes close to this.

This is for you if you're:

- Tired of playing small and ready to go balls deep on your life + biz
- Not currently working other programs – you need
👉🏾FOCUS👈🏾  to implement
- Unwilling to be anything less than pampered in your strategic development

- Ready to use intuitive strategy to co-create success with Spirit

Together, we’ll:

- Break your big vision down into sizeable weekly and daily action steps
- Develop a personalized and intuitive execution strategy designed for results
- Keep you accountable so you can finally get shit done with confidence
- Align with Spirit + my guides to eliminate and detangle potential blocks and obstacles

What You’ll Get:

- 2 dedicated hours per week to explore ideas to develop plans and next-step actions.

- Unlimited email access throughout the month. (All responses within 24-48 hours)

- 2 Break in Case of Emergency calls during our month together– any time you need an immediate answer.

- Weekly homework to keep you on track with our action plan.

Terms + Agreements

By investing in My Brain on Demand, you acknowledge that this is a full and NON-REFUNDABLE commitment. You acknowledge that you come in ready to fully participate with an open mind, understand that with clarity, you’re required to take action, and your undivided attention is necessary to ensure precise clarity with depth and accuracy. You acknowledge that you will not invest or participate in another coaching program during the duration of our time together. You also acknowledge that My Brain on Demand renews at the full rate every 30 days without exception unless cancellation is sent in writing.

Your recorded session, a recap of notes from our session, and strategic reminders will be sent to you within 24-48 hours of session completion.

How Much? Pricing Discussed After Discovery Call

*in order to proceed please book a 20min discovery call because me + my guides want to make sure we're a great fit.*