one card email reading.


one card email reading.


One Card Email Reading.

Best When: You Can Wait For The Answer To A Question That's Been On Your Mind

This reading is for when you can't make a decision but you can wait for the answer. I will not hold back in this email reading. I will tell you exactly what comes through in from my guides about your question.  

Its simple fill out the form and tell me the situation and pick whether you want me to use tarot or oracle cards and within 72 hours I will email you the answer to your question or situation in a pdf along with a picture of the card pulled.


Terms + Agreements

By purchasing a one card email reading, you acknowledge that you are limited to one question to ensure precise clarity with depth and accuracy. You also acknowledge that the one card email reading will be delivered within 72 hours of purchase. You will not be able to ask follow-up questions.  

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