About ME.

I'm a Pisces, which means I'm dreamy, intuitive, and creative.

I'm a Human Design Projector (I'm Here To Guide & Direct You Towards Your Truth & Destiny).

I'm an INFJ.

I'm a visionary....and I'm claircognizant.

I'm a Motivator.

I'm and intuitive unicorn, human design expert, and business strategist for emapthic leaders and entrepreneurs. I guide you through the process of transitioning from doing life by the book to following your gut in every aspect of living. My creative spirit and keen perception have made me and invaluable resource for professional artist, brands, and game-changers determined to shatter personal limitations and up level their quality of life.

My insights are a blend of art, strategy, education and personal experience. I've been successful in many industries, and have led me to launch multiple businesses including my flagship brand Goodnight Darling Co.