Best When: You Need Direct Guidance from the Universe.

Have you ever wanted to move forward, but lacked certainty in what to do next? It’s hard to see clearly on your own when you’re surrounded by confusion and obscurity – which is why it helps to seek a little cosmic clarity before making your next move.

Eliminate confusion and obscurity by with an Aycee Fix My Life session. Designed to dive headfirst into your life and energy, Fix My Life sessions provide deeply revealing insights into your life as it pertains to love, romance, family, friends, career, finances – and practically anything on your heart.

Spirit takes over the first part of our session to impart divine information, and then you take charge the second half to address any specific questions you need answered.


Now here’s my disclaimer: I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit. And Fix My Life requires honesty and a brave heart for participation. If there are truths you’re hiding from, they will come up, and you will have to address them – especially if my guides and Spirit demand their attention.

Yes, that requires a lot – especially when the truth hurts. But I promise I’m here for more than simple answers. We’ll actually create a strategy to get you where you need to be. Period.

Our session is sacred, confidential, and recorded. You’ll walk away with an intuitive bird’s eye view of the situation, peppered with a dash of coaching and a pep talk to help you own the outcome.

This is for you if you're:

- Spiritually, financially, emotionally, or strategically stuck
- Scared you’re not showing up fully, just going through the motions
- Ready to take serious action – you just need to know WTF to do first
- Invested in creating a mind-blowing life you don’t need to run away from.

What You’ll Get:

- Private 45-minute session to focus on Spirit’s insights + your concerns.
- Crystal clear spiritual insight regarding your most compelling questions.
- Intuitive bird’s eye view into potential blocks within + around you that are holding you back.
- A witty, compassionate pep talk to boost your knowledge of self and confidence.
- Immediate clear-cut action steps you can take to create the best possible outcome.
- Full session recording of your session with notes to reference and review anytime you want.

- Strategic, handcrafted action plan.

Terms + Agreements

By scheduling an Aycee Fix My Life session, you acknowledge that you come with an open mind, understand that clarity requires action, and your undivided attention is necessary to ensure precise clarity with depth and accuracy. You also acknowledge that Aycee Fix My Life sessions are 45 minutes max and no exceptions are made.

Your recorded session, a recap of notes from our session, and strategic reminders will be sent to you within 24-48 hours of session completion.

How Much? $195