Best When: It’s Not Enough to Trust. You Need to Know.

Being a successful business owner requires consistency and intention. Regular investments of time, energy, and resources keep you in the flow, but sometimes a little cosmic insight can take you to the next level.

Aycee Fix My Business provides clarity and direction to align your growing business with intuitive intelligence. As your psychic hotline to Spirit, you’ll get direct support to sharpen your business strategy, quantum leap your success, and align yourself to lucrative opportunities.

Imagine experiencing success from skin to soul? Fix My Business goes bone deep to lay a soulful foundation that allows you to fully express yourself, thrive, and get paid as an entrepreneur.

During the first half, Spirit, my guides, and I take over to give you immediate guidance. You take the reins during the second half to address specific business queries, like: Should I develop a group program or is a live event better? What can I expect if I agree to a JV with that brand? Where are the biggest money leaks in my business?

If you’re tired of grasping in the dark and ready to truly go to the next level, this is it.

Now, before you book, here’s my disclaimer: I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit. Fix My Business requires honesty, openness, and a brave heart for participation. If you’re avoiding a dreaded truth about some aspect of your business, there’s a chance it may come up. (Yiiiiiikes.) But don’t worry. If Spirit demands your attention, it’s for your highest good, and we’ll work together to address the issue and create a strategic plan of action

Our session is sacred, confidential, and recorded. You’ll walk away with an intuitive bird’s eye view of the situation, peppered with a dash of coaching and a pep talk to help you own the outcome.

This is for you if you're:

- Experiencing a frustrating business plateau.
- Ready to show up fully instead of just going through the motions.
- Ready to take strategic, Spirit-based action – you just need to know WTF to do first.
- Invested in breaking glass ceilings to increase your income.


What You’ll Get:

-A Human Design Analysis To Figure Out Your Most Profitable Ways To Make Money

- Private 90-minute session to focus on Spirit’s business insights + your concerns.
- Crystal clear spiritual insight regarding your most compelling business questions.
- Intuitive bird’s eye view into potential business blocks – both internal + environmental.
- A witty, compassionate pep talk to boost your self-confidence and business savvy.
- Full session recording of your session with notes to reference and review anytime you want.

- Strategic, handcrafted action plan.
- One week of unlimited email to follow up after session.

Terms + Agreements

By scheduling an Aycee Fix My Business session, you acknowledge that you come with an open mind, understand that clarity requires action, and your undivided attention is necessary to ensure precise clarity with depth and accuracy. You also acknowledge that Aycee Fix My Business sessions are 90 minutes max and no exceptions are made.

Your recorded session, a recap of notes from our session, and strategic reminders will be sent to you within 24-48 hours of session completion.

How Much? $495