aycee brown.
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I help Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs tap into their magic and unleash their desires by becoming who they truly are through the power of Human Design.

When I discovered Human Design, I was seeking something more than astrology. I felt a bit lost quite honestly and for me that’s usually. I just moved to a new state and started a new photography business and was interning for a well-known photographer in my area.

One day the studio makeup artist and I were talking, and she mentioned Human Design and she started telling me about the Aura types and I knew I was a Manifestor. Yes, that’s me Aycee The Manifestor but I filled out an online form and nope. I found out I was a Projector. I was crushed. But then I started reading about it and suddenly my life made so much sense. But there was a HUGE missing piece. How do I take my life from where I was to where I wanted to be with this new-found system?


So, I made it my mission to not only become a Human Design Expert but to learn how to apply it to the world we live in today and help others do the same without so much theory.


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3 Fun Facts



i love dogs

I have two dogs now and one of them is adopted. I really don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a dog. It’s like they are drawn to me. Which makes me believe that at times I would have a great career as a pet psychic.



i love stationary

I’m obsessed with stationary. I have boxes of cards, journals, and notebooks that I use all the time. I can spend hours in a paper store.



i carry crystals in my purse

I love crystals and I have them all over my home. But most importantly I have them in my purse and I keep them in my car.